Injection of Innovation

Are you looking for a way to inject some innovation into your organisation?
We help companies, Government Agencies and Departments harness innovation within (intrapreneurship).

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Innovation Events

We can get you up running a special hackathon within weeks!

We have the expertise to run your corporate hackathons and innovation challenges and our experts have run the biggest hackathons in Australia.

Don’t know what a hackathon is?  That’s OK – we do.  We can run a personalised version of a hackathon to suit your needs.  A hackathon is usually a competition where teams are formed to create something amazing within a short period of time (hence the ‘athon’).  Teams tend to be small-ish and comprise of not just the coders and technologists but also the product and marketing and design side of things.

Don’t want to run a hackathon?

No problem! We can run a pitch event and encourage innovators to show you what they can do.

Pitch Days and Demo Days

Pitch days can be run to showcase what is out there or the ideas around the challenge area.  These could be from an internal employee “intrapreneur” program or an pitch competition to gather the best ideas out there.

Demo days can be run to showcase the work that has been done as a result of a hackathon, innovation challenge or incubation (or as a hybrid Pitch day).

Innovation Challenges

For longer running initiatives for a result we can assist in running Innovation Challenges.  A mix between ‘just’ a pitch day and a hackathon we can help you run a program with great results over a short development cycle where your innovators work with your tech teams to develop something amazing.

Acceleration, Incubation and co-design

We can even help your incubation or acceleration of great innovators and co-design products between your experts, ours and the innovators from the public or internally.

Rapid Prototyping

We can assist with rapid prototyping.  Want to gain insights from users or get designing with external innovators or with internal staff?  We can setup sessions to get a prototype of a new digital product in the hands of your executives within days or weeks!

Training Design

We have certified trainers (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment).  Training face to face, webinars and online training design and development are available for internal innovation embedding.

We can even design suitable training for any new innovative products that are a result of the hard work your organisation has incubated.


Trying to inject innovation to your organisation?

We are the experts in running internal innovation events in Australia.  Lead by Australia’s most experienced hackathon and innovation challenge specialists you can’t go wrong.

With experience in corporate and government innovation we have the tools, marketing capability and known how to run a successful program.  Whilst other people talk about innovation, we will get the job done and provide you with a fun yet agile team to help you step by step to achieving a great result.

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Why HackSauce

HackSauce is here to help government agencies and departments and other organisations in Australia run innovation events.  We assist in setting up events and organising attendees to events to introduce or improve innovation within your organisation. We started HackSauce due to a gap in the market. Why did we call it “HackSauce”?  We’re you are …


We are headquartered in Sydney but are available to assist nationally and have run local and national events spanning many locations.

Get in touch with us or get some secret sauce as to how to create and foster a more innovative culture in your organisation through hackathons or other programs.