Why Hacksauce

Hacksauce is here to help government agencies and departments and other organisations in Australia develop apps, write programs to automate work and run innovation events.

Our team Get Stuff Done.  We have done work with and in Government and corporates and have the inside understanding of how frustrating it is when you just want to get something done.

We have two main specialities –

1. development and coding


2. innovation events.

Our developers are all in Australia.  We don’t outsource overseas.  We develop quick prototypes to show stakeholders what is possible.  We take on feedback and produce apps that work.

We also assist in setting up events and organising attendees to events to introduce or improve innovation within your organisation.

We started Hacksauce due to a gap in the market.

Why did we call it “Hacksauce”?  We’re you are your secret sauce for your organisation.

We have the hackathon experts to help run events and developers who are great at creating result driven apps and code to help you.

We’re happy to share our knowledge and skills to help your organisation.